What We Do

As lawyers, trustees, and accountants with decades of experience, we are well positioned and trained to offer objective and independent advice, providing reliable oversight and ensuring that all work on our clients’ behalf is carried out in the most professional and appropriate way possible.

We have experience and expertise in a diverse range of structures for holding and administering worldwide wealth. These structures cover the broadest array of assets, including businesses, private equity and other financial holdings, bank accounts, financial investments, real estate, aircraft, yachts, collectable cars, art collections, and jewellery.

Cone Marshall provides trustee services in New Zealand, Switzerland, Uruguay, Italy, Hong Kong, and the United States. Our principal corporate trustees in Wyoming, USA, and in Hong Kong are fully licensed trustees under the respective regimes.

Trusts: Advisory, Establishment & Management

We have a wealth of experience in establishing and managing both simple and complex trusts for clients all over the world, which has enabled Cone Marshall to respond to the full range of circumstances which may motivate a family to establish a trust.

We know how to structure our clients’ affairs to align their interests with their goals in ways that will most benefit them and their loved ones for generations to come. Once we have helped our clients identify their specific goals, our team of experts works closely with them to form the trust or foundation entities that will be most effective, then we develop and execute the necessary documentation for their structure and governance, including promoting tried-and-trusted, best-practice protocols for their day-to-day management.

In this new world of regulatory rectitude, we are especially focused on ensuring that all structures we administer are fully compliant with all international laws and regulations. We also offer a full range of trustee services, and we can operate in an array of languages, in many jurisdictions around the world.

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