Cone Marshall is a leading global and independent fiduciary services firm comprised of lawyers, wealth planners and accountants dedicated to protecting its clients’ wealth over generations.

The global group, formed in 1998 in New Zealand, now administers over 1300 international high-net-worth (HNW) family relationships, many of which have assets in excess of US$100 million and collectively oversees more than US$20billion in assets under trust structures.

The Group has offices in Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay, UK and North and South America.

We pride ourselves in being able to offer the highest quality advisory and structuring solutions for holding and later transitioning individual and family wealth of our HNW clients.

Our team works closely with a nexus of experienced professionals to facilitate the protection, planning, and development of our clients’ wealth and assets of global wealth and property.

Cone Marshall adheres to a cautious, friendly and personal approach in our client relations. We prioritise cultivating responsive, lasting relationships over arm’s length dealings, and thus we will always try to make our most senior team members available to meet with our clients and their associated advisers for regular face-to-face meetings.


Cone Marshall in Hong Kong

Asia’s HNW families and their enterprises are expanding internationally at a scale and pace like never before; investments and businesses in the region are fast becoming more globalised, and family members themselves are increasingly finding new countries to call home.

With a new office in Hong Kong, which acts as a strategic hub in the Asia-Pacific region and an ideal location as a fully global financial and advisory services centre, Cone Marshall has positioned itself at the core of the phenomenon. With more than a decade of direct and intensive experience of working on behalf of Asia’s HNW individuals and their families, Cone Marshall Hong Kong Limited and the wider Cone Marshall Group are fully committed to supporting the growth and internationalisation of Asia’s HNW families and their enterprises, and to facilitate their expansion and investment into the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world.

Accordingly, in Asia we offer the following core services:

  • Family & Business Advisory
  • Entity Formation, Structuring & Trustee Services
  • Assurance & Compliance Services
  • Relocation & Pre-Migration Planning

Our areas of specialisation include family and asset mapping, family and business succession as well as corporate and family governance. The firm offers expertise in family trusts and foundations, as well as outsourcing and managed trust and corporate solutions.

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